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Drum Lights are available in any size for any drum diameter and depth and are specially designed to be compatible with virtually any drum. The discreet design and mounting system allow them to be easily fitted on any drum regardless of shell construction, finish, lug style/placement and hoop/rim type without the need for any drilling or other modifications. Drum Lights come pre-cut to your specified drum diameter and stick on directly to the shell using the foam-backed adhesive tape of the waterproof IP65 RGB LED strips. Each RGB LED strip is fitted with 2 USB type A receptacles on either end, which allow for various configurations. More specifically, the batter and resonant side RGB LED strips supplied with each order can be controlled both independently (when connected individually to 2 channel inputs using 2 USB cables) or together (when joined with the supplied USB jumper cable and connected to 1 channel input).


    • 2 RGB LED strips for batter and resonant side of drum
    • 2 USB type A receptacles per RGB LED strip
    • Waterproof IP65 RGB LED strips with foam-backed adhesive tape
    • USB type A to type A ribbon cable jumper
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