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The SB-1 is a single channel RGB LED lighting controller that has been specially designed for musicians by musicians. Housed within a traditional guitar stomp box that can be discreetly added to any pedal board, the SB-1 offers manual lighting control directly from the stage. With a kick of the switch, you become your own lighting designer. 

The Colour control knob allows the user to easily select between 7 fixed colour settings and 1 variable colour setting, which randomly cycles through all of the available colours. The Bright / Speed control knob adjusts the brightness when one of the 7 fixed colour settings is selected and the rate in which the colours randomly cycle when the variable colour setting is selected. The Momentary / Latched switch allows the user to control their lighting in two different ways. The Momentary selection engages the lights only when the pedal's footswitch is pressed, while the Latched selection alternates between engaging and bypassing the lights with each press of the footswitch. The 1/4" Link jacks allow multiple SB-1 pedals to be connected together in order to simultaneously control all lighting fixtures from any linked SB-1 pedal. In other words, multiple musicians can take turns controlling lighting cues directly from their position on stage.


    • Bright / Speed control knob
    • Colour control knob
    • Momentary / Latched switch
    • Pedal footswitch
    • Bypass indicator light
    • USB type B RGB LED output
    • 2 1/4" phono type link jacks
    • DC12V power supply input
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