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Boomlights is an independent musical instrument lighting manufacturer based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. With a new line of innovative lighting controllers, Boomlights empowers artists, bands and musicians of all levels to create unique, customizable and self-contained light shows without the daunting complexity, steep learning curve and high costs of traditional lighting systems. Designed and developed by musicians for musicians, Boomlights products transform your lights into an instrument.

Boomlights was founded in 2017 by the father and son partnership of Rich and Brent Wirth and electronics design specialist Matt Reid. Through their combined skills, knowledge and expertise, the team of lifelong musicians has developed a new, creative and intuitive approach to stage lighting. Led by the company’s flagship product, the LC-8 Lighting Controller, Boomlights allows musicians to play and program their lights like a MIDI instrument. Unlike traditional lighting set-ups, which require multiple hardware and software components that need to be painstakingly configured in order to be compatible, the LC-8 is simple. No additional hardware or software required. The LC-8 seamlessly integrates with any existing hardware or software set-up by using universally compatible MIDI protocol. Just plug and play to begin elevating your performances with synchronized lighting. Garage. Club. Arena. Whatever your stage is, light it up.

The Boomlights team is dedicated to serving its customers with unparalleled support. Whether you need assistance operating your Boomlights product, enhancing your existing stage show with custom-tailored lighting automation or with a repair, Boomlights is there for you. Our relationship with our customers does not end upon a completed checkout; rather, it begins.

All Boomlights products are assembled and tested at the company’s HQ in Stoney Creek and are exclusively distributed internationally via our online store. Order today and let Boomlights light up your stage.


Brent Wirth

Brent Wirth is a musician, songwriter, composer, producer and pedagogue who graduated summa cum laude from York University's Specialized Honours BFA in Music degree program. He has been an active member of the Canadian music community for over 15 years, playing thousands of shows and touring North America extensively with numerous bands, most notably Thought Beneath Film and Liteyears. Acquired from his performance experience, Brent brings his expertise on how to make a show look great on stage to the Boomlights team.

Matt Reid

Matt Reid is an electronics design specialist and multi-instrumentalist that constantly strives to fuse his two passions; music and electronics. Specializing in PCB prototyping, software development and microcontroller programming, Matt has served as an Instrumentation Specialist for aviation industry leader Pratt & Whitney Canada. A rare artist-engineer, Matt’s unique ability to blend his creative intuition and technical expertise makes him an invaluable member of the Boomlights team.

Rich Wirth

Rich Wirth has been working in the field of aerospace engineering as a vibration and acoustics expert for over 30 years. Specializing in acoustic analysis and instrumentation design, Rich has served as a Senior Instrumentation Technologist and Advanced Applications Engineer for industry leader Pratt & Whitney Canada. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for merging music and technology, which led him to establishing the musical instrument repair/service company Rich Audio. A true electronics guru, Rich brings extensive experience to the Boomlights team.

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