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Q: What colours are Boomlights LED strips available in?

A: Boomlights LED strips are currently available in white and black. However, all of our LED strips use colour changing RGB LEDs, which are able to produce a variety of colours (e.g. red, green, blue, white, yellow, orange, turquoise, cyan, pink, purple, etc.). More explicitly, our LED strips are capable of producing any colour/shade within the following RGB colour spectrum:

Q: Are Boomlights Drum Lights compatible with any drum?

A: Yes, Boomlights Drum Lights are compatible with any drum. While drum designs can vary in numerous ways (e.g. shell construction, finish, lug style/placement, hoop/rim type, etc.), our Drum Lights have a discreet design and mounting system that allow them to be fitted on virtually any drum. Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance when mounting our Drum Lights. Our expert support staff will work with you to find a mounting solution that meets your specific needs.

Q: Are Boomlights LED strips removable?

A: Yes, Boomlgiths LED strips can be removed at anytime. However, the 3M adhesive tape used on our LED strips is intended for one-time use. Therefore, if you remove the LED strips at any point and decide to reuse them again later, you may need to apply new 3M adhesive tape to ensure that they stick securely

Q: Will Boomlights LED strips damage my instrument?

A: No, Boomlights LED strips will not cause any damage to your instrument and no alterations whatsoever are required for them to be fitted. Our LED strips are made with high-quality materials that are specially designed and engineered not to cause any damage to the surface in which it is adhered to. However, some adhesive residue may be left behind after removing the LED strips. This residue can easily removed with any commercial degreaser.

Q: How are Boomlights LED strips powered?

Boomlights LED strips are powered by our various lighting controllers, namely the LC-8 Lighting Controller and SB-1 Stomp Box.  Each of these controllers use standard AC power adapters, which are available in various voltages and frequencies according to different regional plug and voltage standards. Please specify which standard you require when placing an order.

Q: How are Boomlights LED strips controlled?

A: Boomlights LED strips can be controlled by our various lighting controllers, namely the LC-8 Lighting Controller and SB-1 Stomp Box. While the SB-1 Stomp Box offers more direct, manual control via a bypass switch and onboard control parameters, the LC-8 Lighting Controller is specifically designed to use standard MIDI protocol for custom programming and automation. Please read below for more information on MIDI programming and automation.

Q: Can Boomlights LED strips be synchronized to music?

A: Yes, Boomlights LED strips can be synchronized to music using our custom-designed LC-8 Lighting Controller. The LC-8 Lighting Controller allows lights to be automated via standard MIDI protocol from virtually any hardware or software source with MIDI capability. No additional hardware or software is required. The LC-8 Lighting Controller is universally compatible and seamlessly integrates with any existing hardware or software set-up.

Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: Yes, we will ship internationally, but shipping costs may vary depending on destination and do not cover import VAT and Customs charges. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for a shipping quote to your destination.

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