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LITEYEARS - Promo Shot.jpg

LITEYEARS is a four-piece pop band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Drawing from a diverse sonic palette ranging from cinematic orchestral arrangements reminiscent of a Hans Zimmer film score to the electronic sensibilities of modern pop music, LITEYEARS has created an honest representation of themselves and their musical tastes: high energy, anthemic alt-pop that’s certainly not lacking in depth. From extensive touring, LITEYEARS has become a finely tuned machine with plenty of heart.


Perhaps the best way to illustrate the work of Sam Battle, better known as LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, is to imagine what might happen if you relocated Victor Frankenstein from his lab to a recording studio. Based in Kent, UK, LMNC is a musician with a penchant for inventing. From flamethrowers to Furbies, he can recontextualize anything into an instrument, making him one of few artists in which his process is just as engaging as his end result.

Boomlights - Kaskobi (Artist Picture).pn

Despite producing videos from a small location in Kent, UK without much equipment, KASKOBI is known worldwide for revolutionizing the Launchpad market, gaining hundreds of millions of views and pulling in over a million subscribers on YouTube who watch his hands travel at insane speeds while performing hit songs and remixes with unique visuals. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a worldwide movement, affecting young DJs by making the world of music production both fun and accessible.

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