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What's Included:


  • LC-8 Lighting Controller

  • DC12V 10A Power Supply

  • User Manual

  • MIDI to USB Converter

  • 6' MIDI Cable

  • 8x 20" RGB LED Light Tube

  • 8x 25' USB AB Cable


Visit the TUTORIALS page and view the USER MANUAL to learn how to set up and control lights using the LC-8 Lighting Controller.


The LC-8 is an 8-channel RGB LED lighting controller that has been specially designed for musicians by musicians. Treat your lighting like an instrument by using MIDI to create custom automated light shows. No additional hardware or software required. The LC-8 seamlessly integrates with any existing hardware or software set-up. Just plug and play to begin elevating your performances with synchronized lighting.

Built-in channel indicator lights allow users to monitor their light shows remotely even without any lighting fixtures connected, while onboard test buttons allow users to easily check lighting fixtures without any MIDI input. Along with internal individual channel fuses, the LC-8 is protected by a resettable main fuse located on the rear panel. In the event that one of the unit's channels is overloaded or shorted, the power indicator light will change from green to red when the unit is powered on. Internal DIP switches on the main board give users the flexibility to designate the LC-8 to different MIDI channels, while internal DIP switches on the channel modules allow users to designate individual lighting fixtures to specific sets of MIDI notes. The supplied MIDI cable and MIDI to USB converter ensure that the LC-8 easily integrates into any existing hardware set-up. A MIDI Thru connection provides the ability to link and synchronize multiple LC-8 units together, allowing users to expand their custom light shows to new dimensions.


$750.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
    • Power button
    • Power indicator light
    • 3 test buttons (1 per colour)
    • 8 USB type B RGB LED outputs
    • 8 channel indicator lights
    • MIDI input
    • MIDI thru
    • Main resettable fuse
    • DC12V power supply input
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