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The Talent LS1 portable lighting stand is built to perform and endure the rigours of gigging night after night.  Packed with features that make it super easy to use, it's  also super easy on the pocketbook. 

From the most intimate club to the largest ballroom, Talent lighting stands are rugged enough to handle life on the road. The air-cushion pneumatic suspension prevents your load from free-falling during teardown, which, in addition to making the stand safer, combines with the auto-lock push-button locking pin system for quick, easy and secure height adjustment. There is no loose locking pin dangling from the stand on a cord, which means your pin will never get lost in the shuffle. Gone are the days of trying to hold the stand in position with one hand while you fumble around trying to grab and wrangle the locking pin into a tiny little hole with the other. Large ergonomic wingnut knobs are featured on all adjustment points.


The LS1 is manufactured using a 1.375" diameter aluminum center pole, which means it can pull double-duty as a great speaker stand when you need it to. The included 47" crossbar is pre-drilled and includes bolts, washers and wingnuts to accommodate up to 4 fixtures. These features combined with the rugged steel legs and metal spreader add up to a durable, high-strength stand that is capable of supporting a load weighing up to 110 lbs. A 48" tripod base spread offers superior stability and it all collapses down to a 54" length that's less than 5" in diameter for extreme portability. The black finish all but disappears on stage, keeping the focus on you.


    • Sturdy 110 lbs load capacity
    • Air-cushion suspension keeps lights from free-falling during teardown
    • Push-button auto-locking pin system
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